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The sad state of logging bugs for Apple

You find a bug in macOS or iOS. Something in the software isn’t working the way it should work. You decide to let Apple know, and head over to and login with your Apple ID. You fill out the required form, list the reproduction steps, hit the special key chord to generate a fat sysdiagnose, attach some screen shots, and hope they fix it.


A Scrivener user reviews Ulysses

Finally, I'm left with the question of value. If I only use Ulysses for my blog is it worth the ongoing expense? Honestly, I'd have to say no.


Apple's first big break came because of the spreadsheet

"VisiCalc" was the catalyst, the era's killer application, that made the development of the Lisa and then the Macintosh possible. Looking back at the critical role the world’s first spreadsheet "VisiCalc" had on Apple’s early success.


An Arq for Backups

Jack Baty on using Arq backup software on his Macs:

Arq just feels better. It can back up from anything to just about anywhere and does so quickly and securely. And the costs? One of the targets available is Amazon Cloud Drive, which offers “unlimited” storage for $60/year.